Sunrise Over the Misty Black River 5-27-2013

by Mark Schrull

5/27/2013 Lorain, Ohio USA – This morning was a beautiful Memorial Day sunrise over the Black River at Lorain County Metro Park, Day’s Dam.  The river was warmer than the air and a mist was rising which made the rays of the sun quite visible.

Sunrise rays Sunrise Sun Rays


Misty Morning

The Rhododendron Plant at the gorge overlook is in bloom. Had to snap a shot of that.  (Perhaps Brutis made me do it?  And then he jerks my hand just when I pushed the button!)

Brutis and I had a nice walk this morning.  The birds were signing, the river mist was rising, and the sun was coming up.

 Happy Memorial Day to Everyone!

Honor our Veterans!


America is Free and Proud!


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