Garden Health Report Spring 2013

by Mark Schrull

6/5/2013 Lorain, Ohio USA – Our little gardens are well under way this year at LifeInLorain.  It started out a cold spring with frosts in late May, but that isFlowers Stitched all past us now.

I planted the front flower garden the third week in May.  I had to protect the seedlings from the frost twice.  We flirted with the high eighties last week and that really made everything double in size.

Front FlowersCR

Rose 1CR
A little miniature rose-bush came into bloom this week.  We planted a mix of annuals this year with tall Snap-dragons along the back.

flowers 2CR

Flowers 1CR

Flowers 5CR

Vine 1CRIf you’ve never planted an annual vine you should try it.  Cardinal vines will burst with color this year and then next year, we can have a whole different color or vine.  And the hummingbirds love these.  We planted an annual Cardinal vine along the corner and I am going to make it climb up the railing posts.  Hence the bamboo stakes in the corner.

Bean RowThis year, Rhonda and I turned over a row for bush beans next to the garage.  The seeds are in but no sprouts yet.

We planted our tomatoes along the back fence – the same place we had them last year.  We went with Beefsteak and Cherry tomato plants and put a few sunflowers in the middle.


So, as you can see, everything in the garden is doing well at


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