Brutis and His Ancestry

by Mark Schrull

7/2/2013 Lorain, Ohio, USA – By now, all of you know about our dog, Brutis.  The Dog With the Glowing Green Eyes.  Whether you believe in the odd occurrences happening here or not, you have to admit, something strange is going on.  Let me tell you the latest…   Today I happen upon him nosing around our bookshelf in the living room where I store a collection of old magazines from long ago.  Many of these magazines are older then me.  Brutis had a great interest in them.

“Brutis, what do you want with these old magazines,” I asked.

“Memories!”  he answered.   “Just memories.”

I look on the floor and there lay a magazine Brutis  had pulled out.  The magazine was one from 1927.   It was opened to a page which was an ad for a new Lincoln automobile.  A 1927 Lincoln!

In Lincoln

I got my glasses and examined the advertisement up close and saw this…

Granda Blow Up

Now I know Brutis couldn’t have been in a drawing from 1927.  I mean if you do the math, 2013 – 1927 = 86 years.  And multiply 86 years by 7 (dog years) and that would make Brutis 602 years old.  Can’t be.

This must be one of Brutis’ ancestors.

LifeInLorain will investigate and keep everyone updated.

If your new visiting here and haven’t heard of Brutis.  check under the fiction tab for previous posts.


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