The Brutis Family Tree

by Mark Schrull

7/9/2013 Lorain, Ohio, USA –  I’m now elbow deep in this Brutis ancestry quest.  As we all know, there is no way Brutis could be in a car ad and an appliance ad from 1927.  I started asking him about his family tree tracing it back as far as I can.  If you think tracing your own family tree is hard, try multiplying the years you go back by 7  (dog years).  It gets deep!

Brutis told me about his great, great, great, Grandfather, Seymor Brutay, a retired airplane pilot who made his fortune selling automobiles.  Brutis dusted his family photo album off and showed me this picture…
Brutis Plymouth

This family tree project is consuming a lot of time.  But LifeInLorain will keep at it.  My goal is to find where Brutis got his powers.

More to come in future posts.


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