Deer at Lorain County Metro Park Day’s Dam

by Mark Schrull

8/11/2013 Lorain, Ohio, USA – It was as good a day as anyone can have.  Mid-seventies, sun shining, absolutely beautiful.  Rhonda and I decided to walk to the small picnic table shelter about 3 miles down the paved path heading south from the parking lot in Day’s Dam.

Along the way we kept seeing evidence of deer beds – places where the under brush is smashed down from where a deer has slept.  I had a feeling we were going to see one.

And there is was, a splendid vision.  A wink at us through God’s eye.  A yearling, walking in a small stream just off the path.  We felt so blessed.  I felt blessed to get these shots.  Enjoy.

deer 5CR

deer 1CR

deer 3CR

deer 1CR

deer 2CR

Isn’t that something.  Below are pictures of a deer bed.  Click on them if you want to enlarge.

bed 2CRBed 1CR

Here are picture of The Black River from our walk today.

river 2CR'

river 1CR


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