Cardinal Vine Blooms – Summer Garden Report

by Mark Schrull

8/13/2013 Lorain, Ohio USA – Well it took its sweet old-time, but the Cardinal Vine has finally started to bloom.  It should be gorgeous once it is in full bloom.

Cardinal 2CR Cardinal 4CR Cardinal 5CR Cardinal 6CR Cardinal 7CR


Cardnial 1CR


Sad News! The lead sunflower plant which I have reported on this whole summer was robbed of its head by a squirrel.  The second plant still has its head but I fear the bandit will return.

Cardinal 4CR


The front flowers are doing well with all this rain, even though I am growing webbed feet.

Flower 1CR Flower 2CR


Flowers MS


You all know I like to stitch…

Flower 3CR




3 responses to “Cardinal Vine Blooms – Summer Garden Report

  1. Forest So Green

    I am glad they were able to fix your problem. No hurry for blogging, speedy recovery to you.

  2. Forest So Green

    Your flowers are so pretty. Yes, the squirrels always steal our sunflowers. Greetings from life next to Lake Superior 🙂 Annie

    • Thank you for the compliments and thank you for visiting. I apologize for taking so long to reply to your comment. I just returned from a stay in the hospital for 5 days. Seems the top part of my heart didn’t want to cooperate with the bottom half of my heart. They fixed it.

      I didn’t want to announce it that I was in the hospital for 5 days because of robbers and thieves knowing my house was empty. But I am back now. I will be checking out your blog “Forestssogreen” and seeing what life is like next to Lake Superior shortly. Thanks again.