No Frost Falls Flowers or Foliage Yet

by Mark Schrull

10/3/2013 Lorain, Ohio, USA – So far this fall, here in Northern Lorain County,Ohio we haven’t had a night cold enough to kill my flower garden.  The growth has slowed, to be sure, but there are still enough flowers to fill a few vases.

Vase and Flowrs 2

These small vases were purchased at garage sales.  Many times I will find vases such as these for a dime or a quarter-dollar.  I buy them up remembering that each season brings about new flowers, and flowers brighten a day and a room.

Vase and Flowers 1

The trees in Day’s Dam are starting to turn but a full-fledged pop is still anticipated.  A killing frost often brings that on .

Color Report

The Cardinal Vine is still in full bloom.   Its almost translucent red flowers stretching out, calling for visitors which will not return.  I believe the humming birds have left for warmer climates as we haven’t seen one in about a week.  Some busy bees still visit though.

Cardinal Vine Fall 2 Cardinal Vine Fall

It won’t belong before winter.  I’m wondering if its going to be a bad one.  I keep seeing predictions that more and more extreme weather is on the way brought about by global warming.  I am wishing for a mild winter.  We shall see.


2 responses to “No Frost Falls Flowers or Foliage Yet

  1. Pretty flowers. My Begonias are still going strong but I put fall flowers (silk) in the baskets out front. Down in the 80’s now. Fall is a long way away here.