Signs of the Season 10-17-2013 Lorain County

by Mark E. Schrull

10/17/2013 – Lorain, Ohio, USA – These shots are indeed signs of the season in Lorain County, Ohio, USA.  But I have to give credit where credit is due.  The pumpkin shots and the shots of the gourds are photographs I took after being inspired by photographs I viewed on the website ForestSoGreen a photographic blog in Minnesota. (See side bar, websites we follow.)
Ours  were taken yesterday.  My wife and I took a road trip around Lorain county, checking out the progress of the fall color change.

Halloween is on the way and Grobe farm on State Route 113 has pumpkins for sale along the side of the road. They also have other fall produce as well as a shop with jellies and other locally produced goodies.  According to their sign, the farm has continued through 5 generations.

Winter is surely coming – but it is fall in the Midwest, and I will worry about winter when it gets here.  For now, enjoy the seasonal pictures of Lorain County,  Ohio, USA.

pumpkin rotated2

Cabbage 1cr

How Tall

Gords 1cr

Pumpkin 1cr



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  1. Forest So Green

    Your photos are great, I love the cabbages in the wooden crate, thanks for mentioning my blog, have a nice weekend, Annie