Brutis and The Haunted Graveyard

Haunted Grave Yard CR

I am Brutis and it is almost Halloween.  Yesterday I was running around the county when I found myself in a scary situation.  I don’t normally go into graveyards, but I was taking a short cut between Biter’s Butcher Shop and Dobie’s  Grooming.  It was just before dusk.

Suddenly, buzzards filled the sky and the air turned very cold.  I heard noises I never heard before.  Screams and sounds of torment filled the night air.  The wind carried howls of a deep forest and I became frozen with fear.

Thankfully, my Master suddenly appeared.  He yelled for me and I snapped out of my frozen trance.  He raised his camera and snapped the picture above.

In the safety of our home, we examined the photo.  It was filled with terrible Halloween horrors.  Lucky for me my master came when he did.  I might have ended up being buzzard bait.

Can you find all the scary creatures in the picture?
Don’t forget you can click on the image to enlarge it.  Here are the ones we found…

  1. A Ghost
  2. A Shadow Figure
  3. A Bat
  4. A Witch
  5. A Skeleton
  6. A Spider
  7. An Owl
  8. A Black Cat
  9. A Pumpkin
  10. And of course, me Brutis, The Dog With Glowing Green Eyes

If you would like to read about more of Brutis’ adventures, just click on the fiction tab at the top.

If you would like to see a short movie of Brutis killing a vicious spider, just click on the link below.  – Brutis uses his eye rays to kill a spider.

Brutis and The Haunted Graveyard
by Mark E. Schrull


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  1. Forest So Green

    Good thing it was not night time, it would be very scary!