My New Winter Coat

10/26/13 Lorain, OH USA – As a celebrity, I know the importance of dressing in style and in keeping stylish with the seasons.  That’s why this winter I went with the blue and white, knitted turtle-neck.   (Available at Marc’s in Elyria.)Brutis in coat Acr
Notice how the snow flakes accent my figure and keep me looking slim.  This sweater is not only stylish, it is functional as well.  My body stays warm while walking in the winter elements and I still look good while sitting.

Brutis Sitting Bcr

The dog tag is a blue bone which goes well with the sweater.  It’s important to stay color coordinated.   (Available at the PetPeople store in Avon, Ohio. )

Dog Tag

I’m SURE you agree I look great in my new winter outfit…




Dark and Glowing

– Brutis
The  Dog With Glowing Green Eyes

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If you want to see a video of his green eye rays in action click on Brutis Kills a Spider in the side bar. 


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  1. Forest So Green

    He is definitely a distinguished gentleman.