Just a Blog House Keeping Post and A Little Celebration

11/7/2013 Lorain, Ohio USA

LifeInLorain celebrated two milestones with the post yesterday.  Our 200th post and our 100th follower!  A very big thank you to everyone who is following and those who just dropped in and stopped by.

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We also celebrated our 1st year anniversary this year. (March 8th, 2013)

The journey has been fun!  And a learning experience.  I’ve made new friends along the way and will certainly meet more.  When I started LifeInLorain, March 9th, 2012 – It was my first blog or web-site of any kind and I wasn’t really sure if I was going to get into blogging.

My first post was a disaster.  Being totally new to setting it all up and trying to make the blog look pleasing to the eye I overlooked the obvious: A beach is where someone swims and a beech is a type of tree.

I wrote my whole first post about Lakewood Beach Park in Sheffield Lake, Ohio with beach spelled beech.  I’m talking about the headline, and all throughout the article!  I was so proud of my new post.  I shared it to all my friends on FB, Twitter, and the whole blogging world.  I was so embarrassed when my step daughter told me and I realized what I had done I almost took the blog down.  (It’s fixed now.)  In the end, I swallowed hard and decided to forge ahead and turn the page.

So here we are.  200 posts later and this is just a blog house keeping post.

  1. The About LifeInLorain page has been updated.
  2. The Sunrises page has been updated.
  3. Weather Photos Page 2 has been updated.

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