Mostly Sunny 1-4-2014 Lorain County Ohio USA

by Mark E. Schrull

1/4/2014 Lorain, Ohio USA – It was mostly sunny today with a slight warming trend here in Lorain County.  Not warm enough for a big melt, only reaching the middle 30s.  We are preparing for a deep freeze approaching from Canada, Monday night into Tuesday, with forecasts calling for the coldest weather this area has seen in a decade.  Lows are predicted to be in the single digits with wind chill approaching -40sF.

Also, our Christmas cactus is blooming.

snow pear tree1-4-14 Acrsnow BcrChristmas cactus Acr


3 responses to “Mostly Sunny 1-4-2014 Lorain County Ohio USA

  1. Forest So Green

    Canada has been very generous this year in sending cold air down to us 🙂