Sunrise 1-9-2014 Lorain County Ohio USA

by Mark E. Schrull

1/9/14 Lorain, Ohio, USA – It was still bitterly cold at sunrise this morning.  The temperature was 10 degrees.  We are, however, expected to climb back up to mid-twenties today as the “polar express” recedes back up to the north.  We survived two days of minus 10 degrees with wind chills near 40 below zero.  A warming trend is expected and forecasts are  calling for a January thaw.  Tomorrow temperatures are expected to be above freezing.
Sunrise Ecr Sunrise Acr Sunrise Bcr Sunrise Ccr Sunrise Dcr

The sun was bright this morning at dawn, and wild birds wasted no time eating breakfast at the feeder.  Below a female cardinal waits her turn to grab some seed.  She has been a steady visitor throughout the bitter cold.
Cardinal Acr Cardinal Bcr

A huge jet left a crystal path in the sky as it climbed. What a view it must be from up there, watching the sun rise and the world awake.
Jet AcrJet Bcr
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