Unidentified Wild Bird 1-10-14 Lorain County Ohio USA

by Mark E. Schrull

1/10/2014 Lorain, Ohio USA – This very shy wild bird has been visiting our wild bird feeder lately and in a flash he is gone.  He has a bandit mask across his eyes, a full dark grey/black hood which abruptly ends in a straight line just above his solid white chest.
Unidentified Bird 1cr

I have only caught glimpses of him.  I have consulted the National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds, trying to identify him from photographs within the book, but photos I’ve found which even come close are not supposed to live in this area of The United States.  The closest photo I can find is a “Logger Head Shrike”.
Unidentified Bird 2cr

I will try to get a better photo of him/her and post it if I catch him.  He didn’t start coming around until we had the bitter sub-zero temperatures.  These photos were taken through a window from about a hundred yards away.

If you know which species of bird this is, please leave a comment.

UPDATE 1/11/14 – The bird is identified – @darkharleymike on twitter writes, ” Mark that is a Junco, & appears to be a Dark Eyed Junco. We have them @ feeder in the winter.  They are also sometimes called “snowbirds”.



3 responses to “Unidentified Wild Bird 1-10-14 Lorain County Ohio USA

  1. Forest So Green

    The junco is a very small bird, do you know Cornell birds online, here’s a link:


  2. Forest So Green

    That bird is too big to be a junco. My guess is an eastern kingbird.

    • I don’t know. He’s about the size of a cardinal. Can’t find an exact match of him in the bird book.