The Heritage of Brutis 1-19-14 Lorain Ohio USA

by Mark E. Schrull

1/19/2014 Lorain – It is Sunday, and the weather is calm but cold here in northern Ohio.  A deep freeze approaches from the west for the mid-week ahead.  Brutis wants a walk, but before we go I wanted to share the latest developments about his family history – strange as it is.

When pressed about his age, Brew, as I call him for short produces questionable proof of residence or even a birth certificate.  I really don’t know how old he is.  I keep finding old photos from the 1800’s with dogs who look incredibly like Brutis.

Here is one from 1891 taken in Niagara on the Heart of Goat Island:
Brutis at Niagrara

Again I pressed, and Brew said it was his Great Uncle Ned Brutis, known for leading his masters out bird sighting.     – Right-

I know Brutis is a special dog with special powers – after all, it’s not often you meet a dog that can fry a spider with his eyes or force a person to dial a number.  But there’s no way he be that old.

Expect more photographs in future posts.  I “borrowed” a box of his pictures and he doesn’t know it yet.


The above was Sunday Fiction by Mark E. Schrull.  

Photo credit.  The original photograph was scanned by me from a collection of stereoview photographs my father owned.  Here is the original.
Copyright 1891 Geo. Barker
Original - listing to the birds

A good source of information on stereoviews, the view master of the late 1800’s can be found at


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