Brutis Hunting Ducks in Canada 1890

by Mark E. Schrull

1/20/14 Lorain, Ohio USA – If you’ve been following along you know I’ve been suspicious about the age of my dog, Brutis.  This photo is from 1890 and a dog which looks like Brutis is posed with hunters and their harvest.
Brutis Hunting

Once again I asked him about his age and these old photos and once again he denied being in the photograph.  “Mark,” he said, “Don’t you know how ridiculous you sound when you accuse me of being in a photograph from 1890?  Of course that isn’t me.  The dog in this picture is my grandfather’s cousin, James Harris Brutis the third from Canada.  He was a famous hunter during his time and he won many awards.  Some hunting awards he and his team won include The Gold Metal prize. 1889 Paris.  The Diamond Badge, 1887 and 1 other first prize metals.”

Brew always has a story about his pictures; but if you have seen Brutis, and his special powers in action like I have what I have seen him do, you’d question everything about him and where he comes from.


The above fiction is by Mark E. Schrull

Photo credit.  The original photograph was scanned by me from a collection of stereoview photographs my father owned.  Here is the original.
Copyright 1890 Geo. Barker
Original - The Duck Hunters

A good source of information on stereoviews, the view master of the late 1800’s can be found at


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