Amazing 100 Year Old Dog Lives in Lorain Ohio USA

by Mark E. Schrull

1/21/14 Lorain OH – Living with Brutis is like living with a walking, talking  encyclopedia.  Here is another picture from Brutis’ family album.

brutis paddle boat

Brew claims this is just a photograph of a relative. But if that is the case, why does he know the back group story of this photograph in detail? He not only knows about the boat itself, but he says the boat was picking up a supply of Canadian whisky and departed under cover off darkness at 1:AM on a Friday.  He says even though it was before prohibition, crooked lawmen still wanted that whisky.

How could he know that? And like, how could he know they left at that time of night so they could avoid law enforcement whom they knew didn’t work weekends.   (Brew talks a lot when he drinks.)

Brutis on Paddle Boat Acr

This is just the latest snap shot I have copied from Brutis’ family album. I have to look at some of these photos with a magnifying glass to find him.

Brutis maintains I’m just crazy.  He insists these are just photos of his relatives.  But he has this funny look on his face when he says it.  Almost as you would expect  vampire to look when you discovered he was really 300 years old.  Like with too much shock and denial instead of just laughing.  He claims this one is actually a photo of his great, great – however many greats -Aunt Abby Brutis.             -right-

I will report on developments and clues about Brew’s age as they develop.


The above fiction is by Mark E. Schrull

Photo credit.  The original photograph was scanned by me from a collection of stereoview photographs my father owned.  Here is the original.
Copyright 1886 Geo. Barker

Paddle Boat

A good source of information on stereoviews, the view master of the late 1800’s can be found at


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