Dawn 1-26-14 Lorain Ohio USA

by Mark E. Schrull

1/26/14 Lorain – This morning started out very cold.  The snow had ended sometime during the night, however, the snow clouds remained like a blanket in the sky.

Suddenly there was a burst of color in the sky and the clouds lit up orange through red for a glorious 5 minutes or so.  I grabbed the Nikon and shot.

A Dawn 1-26-14 AcrA Dawn 1-26-14 Bcr A Dawn 1-26-14 CcrA Dawn 1-26-14 Dcr


As quickly as it appeared, it left.  Only low grey clouds remained.  It seems impossible but these photos have not be edited for color in any way.  I only cropped them for size.


I filled the wild bird feeder as the birds were calling.  Immediately the sparrows showed.  Then those mean and nasty starlings.  But soon the female Cardinal stopped by and then the Downy Woodpecker made his stop.

A Cardinal CcrA Cardinal AcrA Cardinal BcrA Downy Woodpecker Acr



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