The Melt is Over 2-23-14 Lorain County Ohio USA

by Mark E. Schrull

2/23/14 Lorain – The past few days brought a welcome melt to Northern Ohio.  Flooding and ice jams have been a problem along the Vermilion and the Rocky rivers according to the local Cleveland news stations.  Currently we are experiencing a partly sunny sky, however, the cold has returned.
Sunny Park Melt Partly Cloudy 1crThe deer were very active yesterday evening just after dusk.
Deer 3cr deer 2cr Deer 1crBird Shadow 2crA predator bird hunted just before sunrise.  Perched on a light pole along the street he scan the ground for breakfast.
Bird ShadowThe bright sunshine this morning lit up the cat tails like candles.
Cattails 1crMelting 1cr Melting 2cr


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