Pear Tree Sun Rise 2-25-14 Lorain County Ohio USA

by Mark E. Schrull

2/25/14 Lorain, Ohio – It was snowing this morning here in Northern Ohio. There was no sunrise to speak of, only a gradual brightening.  Shortly after day break, the sun tried to muscle through a cloudy sky.  The pear trees remind me this winter won’t last.  The trees endure this cold like stoic statues, waiting to escort in spring.  Deep inside burns the light of creation and the miracle of spring.
pear tree sun rise 2crpear tree sun rise 1crpear tree sun rise 3crSun rise break through 2crsun rise break through 1cr
From last spring, these same trees 5/3/2013  (below)

Pear Tree Flowering 1CR Pear Tree Flowering 4CR Pear Tree Flowering 2CR


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