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Updated (3/5/2014)
LifeInLorain is my first blog and I have enjoyed creating it and posting to it.  But life is calling from another area of the state of Ohio.  For happy reasons we  will be moving to central Ohio and I won’t be able to post here as frequently as I have in the past.    After all, LifeInLorain had a lot to do with “life in Lorain”  (-smile-).

I will be leaving LifeInLorain up and attending to it and posting to it from time to time.  Especially when we visit Lorain County.  This blog provides a live link to the weather station at the Lorain Water Plant which is right next to the shoreline of Lake Erie and a very popular public boat launch known by the locals as “Hot Waters” boat launch.   I know I will be checking the current weather conditions in Lorain even after I move and especially before traveling up to fish Lake Erie.

That’s all for now.  Boxes, boxes, everywhere there’s boxes.

Updated (1/25/2014)
LifeInLorain represents a sliver of my life in Lorain County, Ohio, USA.

Sometimes it will be silly.

Sometimes it will be serious.

Expect a lot of silly.

 Also expect a lot of photography and art of all kinds.  A report about the weather here, which can get interesting, may be a post.   A poem or three.  Who knows?  As a person, I am always learning and therefore, LifeInLorain will always be evolving.

I am Mark E. Schrull and have lived in Lorain my whole life.
You may contact me at LifeInLorain@yahoo.com

I started this blog on March 9th, 2012.  As of this writing (1/25/2014) there have been 6,017 views, most from The USA – but there have been visitors from all over the world.


Views by country 1-25-14


We now have over 100 followers.  Thank you!

+200 posts

Thank you for visiting and please stop back again.  You really never know what will be happening at LifeInLorain.

– Mark

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To read about me and some of my endeavors
Click this link:   http://wp.me/P2h4iA-V


4 responses to “About LifeInLorain

  1. Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a bunch of awards. Happy blogging! xXx

    • Thank you “MintedMoose”. I appreciate it. Sorry it took me a week to get back to your comment. I was in the hospital for 5 days and have just returned. Seemed the top half of my heart did not want to work in concert with the bottom half of my heart. They fixed that with drugs and a little bit of electricity.

      I didn’t want to publicly post I was in the hospital because of the crooks and thieves who look for such information. But I’m back now and should be tending to the blog more regularly again. -Mark

  2. Hey, Thanks for stopping by my blog, and the follow, looking forward to seeing more of your work, 🙂

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