Mark E. Schrull

Hi! I am Mark E. Schrull.

I was born and raised in Lorain County and have lived here my whole life.  Lake Erie and everything associated with it has been part of my entire life and is  ingrained in my soul.  My folks kept a cottage in Vermilion, Ohio while I was growing up along with a small 16 foot Lyman boat docked at a tiny little inlet, just up Lake road.  Memories of summers spent along the lake as a child are embedded deep within me.  Lake Erie is very much a part of what makes me, me.

After high school I took a job with the City of Lorain, Ohio, Parks Department. I stayed with the City of Lorain, but moved over to the water department in 1979.  I raised a family while I worked my way up until I retired in 2009 as Superintendent of Water Distribution after 30 years of service.

I have always enjoyed writing and photography, art, music, or anything creative.    Below are links to some  articles I have written.  Click the link below the art or image to read the article or story.


Looking Into Manholes

Improving Your Water Pressure
drawing of water tap

Lowering Your Water Bill
meters 2


The Elimination of Sintas
Sintas Space CR

The Dockage of Cameron
Dockage of Cameron CR

The Hole in the Tree
Hole in Tree CR

The Day Before Valentines Day
The Rose CR

Escavator CR

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achrull beer sign

Really, A Schrull beer?


One response to “Mark E. Schrull

  1. Crystal Torney

    Greetings Mark. I’m excited to find you on this page. I do alot of family research and it turns out that you are a distant cousin to me. I’d very much like to contact you and share information about our Schrull relatives.

    ~ Crystal from New Jersey

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