by Mark Schrull

12/29/12  When I was a young man, I attended my local community college.  My favorite class was photography.  Back then there was no digital photography.  It was all done with film and developed  in a dark room.  Eventually I built a dark room in my own home and purchased equipment and supplies.

As a hobby, it was a considerably expensive one.  The development of digital cameras and the advancement of computers has changed all that.  My dark room is long retired and I am afraid my equipment belongs in a museum.  In my humble opinion, digital photography is the greatest thing to happen to a shutter bug since the invention of lenses.  Click on any Image to enlarge.

Christmas Candles CRAngel 4 CRCandy CanesSea of YellowReflection EPreying Mantis 6flower CRMoth w CRStars Strips and MoonJ.P. and Wes Fishing 1Spring is coming.


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