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Children’s Wood Project

By Mark E. Schrull

My Grand kids spent considerable time drawing and sanding these letters.  Alex’s has a little smile face in a knot. Cool!




Wanted by The FBI – My Dog Brutis?

by Mark Schrull

7/20/2013 Lorain, Ohio, USA – If you’ve been following along with my up-dates on Brutis and his powers – you know I have working on his family tree.  Well I am sorry, but for now, I have to set that project aside.  Brutis may be in trouble!!!    Let me explain…

Brutis has been acting unusual lately.  When he isn’t chasing after bones or chewing on his raw hide, Brutis will usually find a good show on the television or curl up on my lap and read a book.  Other times he’ll watch the birds at the feeder or watch for deer out the window.  But that’s the norm.

Lately though, he has been watching out the window as if someone is coming. He observes every car coming and going down our street.  Sometimes he will jump and hide from certain cars.  He never did anything like that before.

And he has been carrying around this bag of money.  He won’t say where he got it.  Everywhere he goes he has it with him.  He won’t let me or anyone touch it.  I have no idea how much he has in there.  He sleeps with it.  He eats next to it.  He won’t let it out of his sight.

Here are 2 recent pictures I took of him.

Brutis mCR4

Brutis mCR3

When Brutis first appeared with this bag of money, I wondered where it came from.  But then I thought he probably had it stashed somewhere.  Maybe he has a side job and earned the money.  Maybe it’s his life savings.  Who knows?  I didn’t want to be too nosy.  I saw what he did to the spider.

But then I came across this flyer in a local newspaper…

Wanted Poster CR1

That can’t be him, right?    I mean this is a photo from surveillance footage.  This has got to be some other dog.  Brutis’ has more white in his coat and he’s more gentle-looking then this criminal dog.  That can’t be him.

Anyway… We decided we’re going to Florida for a while.  LifeInLorain will get back to Brutis’ family tree in a day or two.  Shouldn’t take but a day or two to go through Brutis’ Bag-O-Money.  And I haven’t forgotten I promised to reveal how I protect myself from Brutis’ mind ray.  More coming on that as well.

The Brutis Investigation Continues

by Mark Schrull

7/16/2013 Lorain, Ohio, USA – The investigation and research into Brutis’ ancestry is continuing.  The deeper I dig, the more strange it becomes.  I am hot on the trail of his family tree, mapping it all out.  But I keep discovering vintage photographs of dogs which look amazingly like Brutis.  And some of them are well outside the realm of his heritage and I can find no explanation.

When I question Brutis, he gives no answers.  He just looks away and sometimes walks away.  As I was looking through a magazine from 1959, I caught Brutis firing up his glowing green eyes toward me.  Fortunately I have found a defense against his powerful mind probe – more on that in the next post.

For now, I can only report my latest findings and assure you LifeInLorain will continue to investigate.

Tbird Blowup


TBird Ad 1959