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Sunrise 3-9-14 Lorain County Ohio USA

by Mark E. Schrull

3/9/14 Lorain, Ohio – There was a beautiful sunrise this morning across the county.  Today marks the start of daylight savings time.  It also marks the 2 year anniversary of LifeInLorain.

Spring is coming, and despite the cold temperatures and snow still on the ground, the forest is waking up.  Birds perched on tree tops to witness the golden globe rise.  There are more than there were a week ago and the sound of the early birds singing and calling for their mates is growing louder with each passing morning.
Sunrise Birds AcrSunrise 3-9-14 Ccr Sunrise 3-9-14 Bcr Sunrise 3-9-14 Acr Sunrise Birds Bcr


Scene of the Crash 2-13-14 Lorain County Ohio USA

by Mark E. Schrull

Crash 1cr

Crash 2cr

Crash stitched 2crSparrow Talk 1cr

Black-capped Chickadee 2-10-14 Lorain Ohio USA

by Mark E. Schrull

2/10/14 Lorain Ohio – 10 degrees (F) here in South Lorain this morning.  Total cloud cover obscured any sunrise.  This morning visitors included a Black-capped Chickadee, the Downy and the Redheaded Woodpeckers, and those nasty European Starlings.
A1 Black-capped Chickadee 2cr A1 Black-capped Chickadee 1crA1 Red-headed Woodpecker 1cr A1 Downy Woodpecker 1cr

I use the word nasty to describe the Starlings partly because of their behavior and partly because of a built-in dislike of them taught to me by my father.
A1 European Starling 2

My father was a bird watcher.  He always had a bird feeder in the back yard.  I remember him telling me about Starlings when I was a boy.  He considered them a nasty bird which steals crops by the ton, murders and eats the eggs of indigenous song birds, and builds filthy nests in vents and air-conditioners.

He also said they shouldn’t even be on this continent.  He said fools released pairs in New York City’s Central Park.  He was right.  I consulted several reference books which confirm that some time around 1890, several nesting pairs were released.  From those original birds, a “Pandora Box” of gigantic size had been opened.