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Christmas Post Day 23 12/23/2012

by Mark Schrull

12/23/12 Sheffield Lake, Ohio – Our Church is decorated beautifully.  The Nativity scene is out, angels with trumpets, Flowers are decorating the sanctuary.  Everything is wondrous.

This is post 23 of The Christmas Post Project.  Merry Christmas!
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Christmas Post Day 22 12/22/2012

by Mark Schrull

This is post 22 of The Christmas Post Project.  Merry Christmas!
About the Christmas Post Project here: http://wp.me/p2h4iA-hK

Crocker Park, is located in Westlake, Ohio.  Everything is decorated beautifully for Christmas.  Here are some shots taken this evening.

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Christmas Post Day 20 12/20/2012

by Mark Schrull

12/20/12 Lorain, Ohio – Five more days and it is Christmas.  How delightful.  The area weather here in Northeastern Ohio is predicting snow starting tomorrow.  It my well be a white Christmas indeed.

In the mean time, here is post 20 of The Christmas Post Project.
Merry Christmas!

This evening LifeInLorain visited St John Roman Catholic Church Nativity3at the corner of Grove Ave. (St Rt 57) and Homewood Drive to take a picture of the wonderful life-size Nativity scene on display.  Here are a few pictures.



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About The Christmas Post Project here:  http://wp.me/p2h4iA-hK