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Christmas Post Day 25 12/25/2012

by Mark Schrull

12/25/12 Lorain, Ohio – Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas Everyone!  Christ our savior is born! This is post 25 of The Christmas Post Project.  Merry Christmas!  I am so happy some of you enjoyed my Blog this year.  I hope you keep enjoying it and tell your friends to check out LifeInLorain.
Snowmen Campbell's Christmas TreeFinal Manger 1DSCF6495Looney Toons 2Christmas Treet

Our Christmas Tree 2


Snowman 1

Christmas Candles CR

Candy Canes


lighthouse Orn

Nativity CR

Angel 4 CR

Light House and Gulls



mistletoe 1








Christmas Post Day 22 12/22/2012

by Mark Schrull

This is post 22 of The Christmas Post Project.  Merry Christmas!
About the Christmas Post Project here: http://wp.me/p2h4iA-hK

Crocker Park, is located in Westlake, Ohio.  Everything is decorated beautifully for Christmas.  Here are some shots taken this evening.

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Christmas Post Day 21 12/21/2012

by Mark Schrull

12/21/12 Sheffield Village, Ohio – There is nothing like going to a Christmas concert to get you in the mood for Christmas.  This evening, LifeInLorain attended  a good one – The TrueNorth Christmas Concert, which featured the TrueNorth Chorale, Symphony,  and Jazz Ensemble.Concert2

The Concert took place at
TrueNorth Cultural Arts
French Creek Nature & Arts Center
4530 Colorado Ave.
Sheffield Village, OH 44054

The setting and venue was very small and intimate, almost as if you were sitting with the talented musicians.

The TrueNorth Chorale and Symphony is directed by Rick Fortney.
The TrueNorth Jazz Ensemble is directed by Eric Dregne.

Definitely a delight to the ears, there was Christmas music for everyone.  From traditional well-known Christmas carols like Away in the Manger and
Concert6O Come All Ye Faithful, to Symphony pieces like Magnificat  with a solo by
Janine Porter.

The music was great and the atmosphere was festive.  Here are a few more photos.

This is post 21 of The Christmas Post Project.  Merry Christmas!
More about the Christmas project here: http://wp.me/p2h4iA-hK

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Update: Click to view Chorale and Symphony performing
The First Noel  http://youtu.be/ZUWNvIwNx6U

Update: Click here to view TrueNorth Jazz Ensemble performing
Christmas Time Is Here http://youtu.be/42j2pUkduR4