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Garden Report – Richland County – Ohio USA

by Mark E. Schrull

6/11/14 Mansfield – The weather has been perfect these last few weeks, from this gardener’s perspective.  Dry enough to get everything planted, followed by sunny days with good soaking rain days mixed in. Everything is doing well in my garden and in the farmer’s fields which surround our house.  So far so good on keeping the beautiful wildlife away from the salad table. My blue rope around the water melons is an attempt to fool little bunnies into thinking its a snake.





No Frost Falls Flowers or Foliage Yet

by Mark Schrull

10/3/2013 Lorain, Ohio, USA – So far this fall, here in Northern Lorain County,Ohio we haven’t had a night cold enough to kill my flower garden.  The growth has slowed, to be sure, but there are still enough flowers to fill a few vases.

Vase and Flowrs 2

These small vases were purchased at garage sales.  Many times I will find vases such as these for a dime or a quarter-dollar.  I buy them up remembering that each season brings about new flowers, and flowers brighten a day and a room.

Vase and Flowers 1

The trees in Day’s Dam are starting to turn but a full-fledged pop is still anticipated.  A killing frost often brings that on .

Color Report

The Cardinal Vine is still in full bloom.   Its almost translucent red flowers stretching out, calling for visitors which will not return.  I believe the humming birds have left for warmer climates as we haven’t seen one in about a week.  Some busy bees still visit though.

Cardinal Vine Fall 2 Cardinal Vine Fall

It won’t belong before winter.  I’m wondering if its going to be a bad one.  I keep seeing predictions that more and more extreme weather is on the way brought about by global warming.  I am wishing for a mild winter.  We shall see.

The Bashful Green Hummingbird

by Mark Schrull

9/10/2013 Lorain, Ohio, USA – As many of you know, I have been trying to take a picture of the male Hummingbird all summer long.  The female  which has visited is not nearly as camera-shy as the male.  She flirts about seemingly uncaring if I capture her image.  The male though, with his brilliant, emerald-green jacket has remained elusive to my camera.  He never comes around if a human is out.  That is until today.

Hummingbird 1CR

Hummingbird 2CR

Hummingbird 3CR

Hummingbird Sitting 2CR

Hummingbird Sitting CR