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Just a Blog Housekeeping Post

by Mark E. Schrull

3/5/14 Lorain, Ohio USA – The follow has been updated today.

The “About LifeInLorain” page has been updated.

The “Photography”  page, section titled “General Images” has been updated and 5 photographs were added – taken from posts of this winter.

A new graphic title page has been created for the link to my short story,
The Dockage of Cameron.

More updates to come.


Deer Lorain Ohio USA

by Mark E. Schrull

3/2/14 Lorain – Yesterday was a great day for photographs. The day began with a wonderful dawn, and ended with photographs of White Tail Deer.  The dawn photographs were so striking, they deserved their own post.  I saved the deer pictures from yesterday for today.

These taken yesterday 3/1/14 across from Drugmart on Colorado Ave.

White Tail Deer 3-1-14 AcrWhite Tail Deer 3-1-14 Bcr


Can you find the deer? II – He’s looking right at you.

White Tail Deer 3-1-14 Ccr


Here, let me help.

White Tail Deer 3-1-14 Dcr


Use care when driving, specially along East 31st Street when passing from Lorain into Sheffield Village, by the entrance to Day’s Dam Metro Park.
The Deer have been active.  Below is a photograph of deer getting ready to cross as a car approaches.

deer day's dam 1crHave a great Sunday!


Dawn 3-1-14 Lorain County Ohio USA

by Mark E. Schrull

3/1/14 Lorain, Ohio – The dawn was spectacular this morning.  The sun didn’t burst through at any point but it managed to light up the horizon just before it passed behind the clouds.
Dawn 3-1-14 CcrDawn 3-1-14 AcrDawn 3-1-14 Bcr