The Many Faces of Brutis


by Mark E. Schrull

1/29/14 Lorain Ohio USA – And so, after Brutis finished his research on the super bowl, he looked soulful enough for me to again ask him of his old pictures.  I showed Brew one of his photos;  an Aztec woman with a child in a papoose, and a dog (suspiciously looking like Brutis) sitting in the back ground.  This is the photograph and this is what Brew had to say about it.Brutis in Mexico“It is my great great (many greats later) great Uncle Festus.  Festus Brutis III to be exact.  He was a wild one, or so they say.  According to my Grandmother – Festus fled to Mexico in 1890 with the law hot on his tail.  He hid out with a Aztec woman and her family that lived very primitively, in grass huts.” “This is the only photograph of him known to exist.  There is, however a wanted poster which Festus always claimed wasn’t him and a mistaken identity.”brutis wanted posterAfter relating this latest story, Brew mentioned something about a mule and went off to bed.  I continue to wonder how Brutis can know so much about these pictures.  Sooner or later he is going to slip up and admit he doesn’t age.  At least normally like the rest of us. And when he does slip up, I’m going to have the evidence.

Until my next report, this is Big Mark, signing out.


The above fiction is by Mark E. Schrull
Brutis image and story line Copyright 2014 Mark E. Schrull

Photo credit.
The original photograph was scanned by me from a collection of stereoview photographs my father owned.  Here is the original.
 Copyright 1890  J.F. JarvisAztec Woman and Papooseaztec backJ.F. Jarvis Publisher – Washington D.C. Sold only by Underwood and Underwood New York, Liverpool, Toronto Canada, Ottawa Kansas A good source of information on stereoviews, the view master of the late 1800’s can be found at:


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